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Key Benefits

Increase customer attraction

Catalog can be viewed on variety of devices that support our catalogs, like Tablets, Kiosks, Laptops etc. Catalogs can be accessed Offline or Online.

It is dynamic

Update catalog with few click and applied changes can be accessed by sales team whenever they connect to the internet

Easier, Faster & Cost-Effective

Lower distribution & updation cost

Convert physical catalogues into digital catalogues

Access your catalogs on web browser, mobile or tablet anytime, anywhere.

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Catalog Bar Works Perfectly on All Devices

You can run catalog Bar on almost all your devices like desktop, laptop, tabs, mobile. For desktop and laptop there is a web app which can be accessed by any browser. For tabs and mobile there is a application available on Google play store and Apple App Store for free.


Mobile & Tab Apps can run the catalog even if you are not connected to the internet. It will download your catalog while you are connected and save it in the mobile and can use it when there is no internet available.

Web Catalog

Access catalog on desktop or laptop with your browser.

Mobile Catalog

Access your catalog with catalog bar mobile app available on Goolge Play Store and Apple App store

Tab Catalog

Access your catalog with catalog bar tablet app available on Goolge Play Store and Apple App store

Offline Access

Access catalogs on android or IOS app even if there is not internet connectivity.


Customize your catalog as per your needs

Customize each and every detail of your catalog as per your needs. Configure background color or add your custom image as a background. Host your catalog on your own domain with your own branding also separate app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for your catalog with your customized branding.


Define your own product fields to display product information on the catalog. With custom forms you can create you own forms which can be your product related or non-product related and can be used as your sales order form or feedback form. These forms can be restricted with the specific products or with the specific users.

Configurable Theme & Background

Choose the color or image which you want to set as a background for the web/mobile catalog.

Custom Forms

Create your own forms related to your product range or non product. For an example you can use it as a sales order form, Feedback form, survey form etc

Custom Domain & White label Apps

Open your catalog with your own domain and get the catalog app customized with your branding.

Create custom product attributes

Define your own fields to display product information

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Easy to use CMS tool to create edit catalog

Define custom categories and sub-categories for your product range, also define the different fields for products under the sub-categories. You can import bulk products from excel sheet or CSV file.


Once your catalog is ready to use, you can now define the users. The users which you add will in, only those users can access the catalog. You can also hide a part of the catalog from some users by defining them in a group and making the restriction.

Categories & sub-categories

Create your own custom categories & sub-categories for your product range.

Import product details

Import bulk product details from your excel sheet or CSV file.

Restricted Access

Show/Hide categories and product details to different users according to their access permissions.

Customizable Catalog

Edit the details anytime, anywhere with just simple clicks

Business Uses

Catalog Bar is loaded with lot of services

Catalog Bar comes with lot of services, such as a simple catalog can be used as a sales app for your sales team. With the use of simple forms sales team can punch their orders directly through the app and with the use of same forms you can get the customer feedback in the closed group.


With catalog bar analytics you can identify which product has the most sales and which product has the least sales, also each sales team member’s performance can be tracked and analyzed.


Get all the insight who has accessed the catalog, when was it accessed and what products where accessed. This will help in evaluating the product performance.

B2B Sales App

Catalog Bar can be used as a sales app just by creating sales order form by using custom forms.

Customer Feedback / Survey App

By creating customer feedback form or survey form using the custom forms it can be used as a customer feedback app or survey app.

Lead Management

Download all inquiries or order details into excel and filter on the basis of booking dates, distribution users, product, category etc.

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Security & Support

Catalog Bar offers outmost security and support

We use enterprise graded servers to run Catalog Bar, which assures catalog bar is always running, so that you don’t face any difficulty.


A full set of explanatory answers and videos which will help you in guiding and using the catalog bar application. In case you get stuck somewhere then our specialized team is always there to help you out.

Anytime Access

Enterprise-graded data centers with 99.9% up-time guarantee.

Advanced security

Data at rest is encrypted and supported with data in-transit encryptions with SSL/TLS certificates

Knowledge Base

Set of questions with the answers which will help you to understand the procedure to use the Catalog Bar and answers to your generic questions.

24×7 Support

Get 24 hours a day 7 days a week chat & email support