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    Charge up while you get an electrifying approach with the online catalogs software – Catalog Bar!

Electrifying E-catalog

Surely, the shock of e-catalogs from Catalog Bar will give a huge boost to the health of your business. Develop an electrifying e-catalog for your consumer electronics stock with just a few mouse clicks. It not only lets you display several product models along with pictures/videos, and color and dimension details, but allows your customers draw comparisons simultaneously. In order to make your product searchable and drive B2B online sales too, add smart filters.

Expand Reach

Gone are the days when business was all about B2B consumer electronics companies which were happy being desktop and laptop users. But, the wave has changed! And, iOS and Android device users are emerging as the game changers on the B2B eCommerce platform. With the online B2B sales software, give access to view your consumer electronic e-catalogs on mobile phones and tablets. Also, the mobile order management app runs catalogs when there’s no Internet connection.

Expand your product reach by online catalog software
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Save More

The hassle of regularly updating and reprinting your catalogs is not new. But, what’s new is the web portal and mobile app offered by Catalog Bar. Develop sparkling e-catalogs for your consumer electronics by feeding product details, images and supporting documents in the CMS of Catalog Bar. Further, your sales reps get free from the unwanted tension of carrying product samples. Moreover, manage the catalog user rights and/or hide confidential/sensitive information from the view pane.

Increase your sales with E-catalog app

Remain Charged Up

While the consumer electronic e-catalogs can be viewed and modified anytime and anywhere on your desktop or mobile, you never run out of battery. From writing orders faster to using barcode scanners for quickly checking the product inventory, the online catalog software has made it easier for you to increase order size and margins. Not just this, build your brand’s awareness through the web and mobile catalog app. So, it’s time to Spread Your Current!

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Sell Consumer Electronics

Launch your eCommerce storefront on the web and/or dedicated mobile app easily with  Catalog Bar. Also, the software is not about making consumer electronics ordering flexible and customizable alone, but creating a brand at the same time. With the online and mobile sales order management system, you gain the ability to develop multiple catalogs, manage multiple delivery dates, and accommodate multiple feedback forms. Bid bye to dead inventory tensions and invite more sales!

Multi-platform sales order app for electronic goods

Sales Order Management

Deliver a memorable consumer electronics buying experience to your B2B wholesale customers. Get maximize order value through the mobile catalog app, which allows your business to operate 24×7 with amazing e-catalogs displaying consumer electronics. While you get to write orders comparatively faster with the mobile sales app, also get the opportunity to boost sales by knowing popular products in the kitty and eCommerce sales trends. So, it’s time to Go for Catalog Bar!

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Easy sign up/sign in, product categorization/sub-categorization and smart filters easily lead your customers to the desired consumer electronics on the B2B sales app – Catalog Bar!