• Mobile CRM Management Software Solution

    With Catalog Bar’s mobile CRM solution, empower your sales reps while on the move!

Complete View of your Customer

Increase sales: The mobile CRM management solution helps sales team gain insights into the needs of their retailers, while maximizing order size and sales margin simultaneously.

Develop trust: From sales and payment history to debt status, and email correspondence to phone conversations, get to know about each and every transaction with your customer.

Resolve issues: Get to know your customer’s pain points easily. From details about previous service requests to appreciation notes, gain full knowledge.

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Register Customer Interactions

Share information: The mobile CRM solution helps your field and/or sales rep to have knowledge about other products being sold to your customer by other team members.

Work as a team: Teamwork is extremely important in sales. Catalog Bar allows you to not just allocate tasks among your sales team members but view progress on the same.

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Gain Sales Intelligence

Manage sales performance: While you get to assign sales reps to customers/regions, track sales performance using dashboards and reports.

Monitor sales activity: Gain a complete view of sales activities through the CRM order management solution. Locate gaps in sales execution and design plan of action.

Analyze Sales Process: Get projected and actual sales reports easily with the mobile intelligence CRM. Employ alerts, dashboards and other reports, to get an in-depth analysis of ongoing sales activities.

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Operate Offline with Mobile CRM Apps

Bring your own device (BYOD): Compatible with iOS and Android devices, be it current or future ones, the Catalog Bar mobile CRM solutions ensure unprecedented user experience.

Work offline: In cases of no or poor Internet connectivity, access your sales and customer information easily while switching to the offline mode. Notably, the data gets synchronized automatically as and when the Internet connection is restored.

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