• Mobile Catalog App

    Win over the business to business eCommerce platform with the e-catalog maker – Catalog Bar!

Interactive Show

Catalog Bar – the mobile catalog app – is known to offer an interactive display to your product range in the e-catalogs developed by you as per your business needs. Remember, mobile app sales is the next big thing in the eCommerce industry. So, bring your products to life as you get to incorporate high-resolution photos that help view patterns, texture, and more, in detail. Further, make your product look more interactive by employing multimedia resources.

Display your product interactively on Mobile catalog app

Navigate Easily

The mobile sales application of Catalog Bar helps to make your product more searchable by allowing you to add smart filters with attributes like color, size, price discount and more. Also, group your products by categories and sub-categories to make browsing efficient. Further, the mobile catalog app offers a quick review of all the variants a product has in the same window. Moreover, its favorites feature is nothing short of a blessing for sales reps.

Navigate Easily on categories in Mobile sales application
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Sales Boost

Ecommerce sales trends say that it is all about orders, and orders are all about sales! The mobile sales tool by Catalog Bar helps develop multiple catalogs for different customers, markets and currencies. Also, your B2B customers need not wait for your sales rep to visit them for placing an order. The mobile sales software comes with the instant ordering capability. Not to forget, Catalog Bar can help promote products on sale and special offers.

Increase your sales with E-catalog app

Offline Mode

Catalog Bar helps you blow your trumpet on the eCommerce platform. As the mobile app by the sales rep management software – Catalog Bar, runs on any current and future iOS and Android device, it empowers not just your sales/field reps but B2B customers too. Further, the e-catalog software by Catalog Bar operates well even when there’s no/poor Internet connectivity. You can also publish your e-catalogs for B2B customers during the offline mode.

Access catalog offline on your B2B e-commerce platform
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Reduce Production Cost

With the sales representative app by Catalog Bar, showcase your product line through an e-catalog on your mobile or tablet. Not just one but many catalogs catering to different markets can be developed at the same time. Also, reduce your production cost by shifting from paper to the digital medium.

Cost Reduction by using E-catalog sales app

Flexibility Unlimited

Catalog Bar’s mobile order management app does not need you be a tech guy but an entrepreneur. As the mobile CRM software has a simple wizard-driven setup, there’s no need for an IT expert. Also, you gain the flexibility of not just designing but rolling-out your e-catalogs only when you are satisfied.

Platform flexible B2B e-commerce sales software