Technology has opened up the doors to new sales trends. A tech-enabled sales team would be expected to do their jobs correctly and efficiently. If we compare the past non-technical approach with the today’s emerging technical trends, in both the time, the goal is same. All intent is to convert the icy cold prospects into happy customers. Sales reps are required in both scenarios.
So what things have changed today?
The supportive tools in sales pitch with its management. These supportive tools emerged just because of technological advancement. The convergence of mobile, analytics, context-rich tools, and the cloud, together with an explosion of information, is transforming sales, and enabling buyers and sales people to engage with each other in more effective and efficient ways.

Many mobile sales app are available when you search new ways of converting leads into opportunities. As you see a bulk of solutions, it makes you get distracted on the wrong track. I would suggest that you should have a thought plan in which you want technological advancement. Take an instance of catalogs, it’s very well known that catalogs are important and most of the time it is the only effective tool that supports your sales pitch. So you should go for a search that results in updated and advanced form of catalogs.
As the technology paced, product catalogs have also changed its appearance. Initially, catalogs consisted of only product images on the paper. Gradually, quality of the paper and catalogs was improved. Graphics and designs were improved to keep the printed catalogs new as per the changing trends. Today, we have a beautiful look & feel of our paper catalogs.
Now the trend has not, the next phase is ready, but its adaptability seems to be expected. The next phase in creative designing is Digital Catalogs. The intent behind digital catalog is to go paper-free. Today we’re very much familiar with mobile and tablet based apps. People love to connect with tech trending approach. Whether it is your customer or you as the sales person, both want to be tech savvy. For being tech-enabled, I don’t think printed catalogs would suffice your desire. For such a need, digital catalogs are here at Catalog Bar that advances your product catalog approach. Such adopting trends have significant implication for the sales team.

  1. Computing everywhere. Through the proliferation of mobile sales app, buyers and salespeople can reach each other anywhere and anytime.
  2. Advanced, pervasive, invisible analytics. By layering analytics seamlessly on top of linked data on customers, sales activities, and salesperson, companies can deliver the right decision assistance to the right salespeople and customers at the right time.
  3. Context-rich Catalogs. Data and analytical insights can be tailored and targeted for the specific situations faced by customers and company personnel. The extreme customization aligns perfectly with how salespeople think and work.
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. Software Defined Infrastructure: These enable fast deployment and at-will scaling of systems to keep up with ever-changing business, customer, and sales management need.

As today’s technology trends continue to have an impact, and as new trends emerge, sales personnel must constantly and creatively adopt and adapt new technologies to improve sales processes and better serve customers.


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