B2B sales platform in a mobile app

If you own a business, you need branding strategies to make your customers believe in the brand to improve its image and sales. You have to exhibit the credibility of your products and services through promotional campaigns. The focus of the presentation should be a buoyant appearance of your brand image. The products and information should be demonstrated with simple and precise persona. The more your company’s personality is definite, the more it can attract customers.

Catalog is the mirror image of your business

A catalog is an element to promote a sales business. The targeted customers will be drawn to your company if your catalogs show what kind of products you are dealing with and for whom. For example, if your company is selling bakery products then you need to exhibit appealing images of bakery delicacies in your catalog to entice the customers. Attractive catalogs can bring close customers and sellers together. In a literal sense, the catalog is a special ingredient of the feed that generates revenue of the company.

The catalogs must have the correct information about the quality and price of the products. Using false information could lead to confusion among the customers. This could put down your company’s credibility and it will badly affect your business.

An affair of paper with catalog and its disfavour with business

Before the invasion of the internet, companies were entire depending on paper printed catalogs. Those paper catalogs used to be our favourite leisure friends. People who were born before the 1990s, at some point, would remember they grew up reading paper catalogs. It was like they fell in love with the products. Beautiful pictures were cut out from the pages and stuck on the walls. There was a close relationship between customers and paper.

In the meantime, the companies were unnecessarily spending money on printing and distributing paper catalogs. They sent the catalogs to customers through courier and postal services.  This method of printing distribution was costly and it took much time.

Paper printed catalogs don’t have backspace option. Once the data are printed out, you cannot remove it from the same catalog. Whenever they need to update the product portfolio, they would have to print new catalogs.

Adopt digital catalog to improve your brand image

Digital catalogs are the most feasible and less expensive means of promoting your brand image. Online catalog management software Catalog Bar has a compelling feature where you can customize your own catalogs. With this B2B e-commerce platform, you can create and customize any catalog you need for your promotional campaign. There is absolutely no problem in adding and removing items from your catalog anytime. You can also arrange the fields by simply dragging with your cursor.

With this user interface, you can arrange the product information in different categories in a very easy and quick way. The digital catalog is available for devices like desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Countdown to a successful business with e-catalog

The digital version of catalog allows multiple users to search the specific products. Catalog Bar provides an in-built content management system that allows you to establish background colour and theme. You can also use an image as its background. With mobile merchandising, you can highlight products on the list and share them with multiple users.

Users can create custom forms for a product or non-product related use. With mobile catalog app, you can contact customers to get their feedback. You can improve the weak areas of the products in accordance with market demand. In this forum, you can also know the customers’ buying decisions.

Weave your brand image using technology

Start looming your label with the advancement of technology that assists in boosting your business growth. With the help of modernised gadgets and the internet, lay a foundation for successful business. Today, companies are choosing digital communication over paper as an agent to promote brand image. They have adopted technology in one way or another to participate in the market challenge. This method of promotion cut back business costs.

Paper is a thing of the past. Digital catalog is the new flame. Put some thoughts on your business plan and just touch the button. Everything can be done simultaneously.

In case, if you have no access to the internet for time being, you can upload product information on Catalog Bar mobile app. You can update it later when you have internet receptivity.

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