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    With the interactive catalog software – Catalog Bar, impress your B2B wholesale customers, distributors and retailers!

Interactive Product Experience

The online catalogs software, Catalog Bar allows you to get a modern, interactive digital display for your products. While offering a memorable product experience to B2B customers, a web product catalog offers multiple-view options like grid, single view with a book-like flip, thumbnail and filmstrip. Create web catalogs with high-resolution product images that help view patterns and texture, among others, in detail. Add videos describing the highlights of your products through the web catalog software.

Interactive Web product Catalog

Easy Navigation

Search products in your digital catalogs with the lightning speed. Add smart business filters that make your products more searchable. Not just one, use many attributes like price, color, size and material, to narrow down your search for the desired product. An e-catalog by the website catalog software also offers a quick review of all the product variants. Products in the e-catalog tagged as favorites can be accessed quickly to help customers decide faster.

Navigate easily between product categories in B2B e-commerce platform
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Optimize Sales

Besides helping sales reps write orders faster than ever, digital catalogs by Catalog Bar give the instant ordering capability to B2B customers. Adding smart filters is the best way to increase order size and margins. Allow your catalog users on the wholesale eCommerce site search products with a combination of attributes. You get to highlight the products on special sale and promotional offers on the wholesale eCommerce platform. Also, it helps while upselling and cross-selling.

Optimize sales through B2B sales order app

Lower Production Cost

As you display your product line with wholesale catalogs online, you not only escape the hassle of updating and reprinting your catalogs every new season, but eliminate distribution and updation costs too. Also, it’s time to shun paper catalogs and go green with digital sheen.

Cost Reduction by using E-catalog sales app
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Gain Flexibility

Operating the online catalog software – Catalog Bar is extremely simple; you just need to be an entrepreneur and not a techie. Notably, the web catalog management software has a simple wizard-driven setup. Further, Catalog Bar – the software to create catalogs – not only speeds up the process of catalog design but its release too.

Optimize sales through B2B sales order app