How can Catalog Bar assist in sharing product details with customers?

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January 31, 2018

Digital catalog enables users to share feature of single product with customer in messenger app

A company needs to exhibit the products to multiple buyers and sellers to promote its business and brand image. A buyer may differ from another as per the type of business they are dealing. As an example, a buyer is looking for Product A, while another buyer has interested in Product B. In this scenario, the company wants to share the particular products with specific individuals.

There are options for sharing product information with channel partners. A company can relay the message through – face-to-face interaction, exchanging information through email, telephonic conversation, common messaging application, or paper printed catalog.

However, they must use the most applicable method of sharing messaging if they want to stay in the competition of sales and marketing.

Limitation in sharing on paper catalog

In a paper-printed or traditional catalog, the company needs to print separately the information about the product on the leaves of different catalogs for different customers.

If the business needs to highlight one product without revealing the whole content, the company would print flyers for each product. Then the sales reps would travel the long distance to deliver the catalogs to its customers. This method of information sharing can force the business to spend unnecessary extra money in the promotional campaign even before the start of distributing the product itself. The process also consumes time and energy. Besides the discrepancy in managing the products information, it is impossible to edit the catalog when there is a situation of price change in the market. In order to rectify the information, they would reprint the catalogs and physically take them to the customers in the far distance. Such kind of sharing the message on catalog can waste a huge amount of money.

Share your product on common messaging app using mobile catalog app

A digital catalog can rationalize the sharing of product information in a business. Save your valuable time and cash for reprinting, updating, and sharing of the catalog. Every business has its strategy to sell a particular product to a targeted group of customers. The company would prepare separate catalogs for a particular group of customers to sell them the products.

Assume that you are selling a variety of products and you discovered that some customers in the Region X have a huge demand for Product A. However, they are not interested in other items from the same brand, so you decided to share the information about Product A with these customers.

Here, the best medium of sharing the information of the specific product is the common messaging application. Web and mobile catalog app Catalog Bar is a dynamic portal with which you can update any product information and instantly share with multiple users on any messenger app. In this mobile sales app, you can choose a particular product and touch the share icon on your mobile phone. Then you can select individuals from your contact list and instantly send them the information.

In this method, the person who is receiving the message can view the specific product information without accessing the catalog app.

Make your trade easy and precise with sales order app

Another plus point of Catalog Bar is you can access your product catalog anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone or tablet. You can operate your catalog offline and update the information when you get access to the internet.

It is a simple task to update the design in the content management system of Catalog Bar and get ready with your updated catalog.

The process of sales order and delivery of the products in mobile product catalog app is never been easier than ever. With the sales order app, the users can sales order form using the “customs forms” and your sales reps or customers can book their sales order directly through the catalog app.

Need for product catalog in a business

Different business sectors have difference catalog formats. Each business would prepare the marketing collaterals that suit its trait. The purpose of a catalog is to exhibit the products and services a business is offering. A product catalog must have the potential appearance that can entice the target audience.

Catalog Bar is the incredible software that provides you an inclusive component of sales and marketing business. With this e-catalog, you can weave your thoughts and convey it to the target customer. A brand image hugely depends on the presentation of its catalog.

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