Do you spend a lot on designing, printing and distributing your physical catalogs?

Last time, when you checked into a catalog book of a sunglass brand, you were dazed by the latest collections of cool sunglasses pictures. As you flipped through the pages, you can hear those heart-shaped pink frames softly whispering in your ears, “Buy me, buy me.” The alluring pictures prompted you to like them. Taking not much time, you instantly ordered one. It is obviously not your fault if you can’t resist their charm.  It is a promotional campaign under the marketing strategy of the sunglass company.

How catalog steers a business

A catalog is a potential mechanism to promote a business. It is an influential tool to capture customers in sales and marketing provision. Attractive catalogs are capable of removing boundaries between customers and the company. They carry the charisma of the brand image. For a successful business, the company can promote its products and quality through catalogs.

As an example, toy making companies use an extensive amount of catalogs throughout the year. These companies release catalogs almost every festive season. In order to entice holiday shoppers, they use offers and discount buys on the catalogs. There will be categories for each range of toys arranged in colourful patterns. Taglines like ‘hot price’, ‘last minute gifts’, and ‘buy one, get one’ are fixed on the items. Customers can be easily captivated by such catalogs.

Spending lot on designing, printing, and distributing paper catalogs

Let us brief you how a business is promoted on paper catalogs. First, there will be a planning for the target customers and the products you want to sell. You need to hire photographers and graphic designers to create a quality image. You need to invest in hiring printing and publishing companies. Finally, you might contract distributors from other regions where you want to sell your products.

The process of promotion of paper catalog will cost a hefty amount of money and labour. At the same time, dispatching the catalogs from your company location to other regional outlets will take time. If there is a seasonal sales offer, the catalog should reach the distributors beforehand. Sometimes, poor transport system could delay the shipment. This can create a huge loss of your business.

Does your business require catalogs?

With the growing number of competitions, almost every business needs a catalog to present their manifesto in the marketplace. If you own a business of hair accessories, you will probably need catalogs to promote the products. Hair accessories and beautification is all about perception.

On the catalog, it is necessary to highlight the flashing details of the products. Some of the products are hair wraps, hair band, hair ties, clips, pins, and other hair products and tools. The catalog needs to display other options like size, colour, and price range. The shoppers can easily pick the choice of product and go through the options to choose the appropriate size. This method of a promotional campaign will draw more customers to your business.

E-catalog software can change your life

With the mushrooming of new technology and availability of the internet, e-catalog becomes the adequate way of promoting a business. Multiple numbers of customers can easily search for specific product information on e-catalog software. Catalog Bar, the B2B e-commerce platform brings you a potential content management system where you can customise every detail of your catalog according to your choice. With e-catalog software, you can assemble the background colour and theme or you can add an image to the background. You can highlight your product fields and share your product with multiple users.

Make it easy with web and mobile catalog

You can run this mobile B2B commerce on almost all the devices like desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones. The product catalog mobile app is available in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Catalog Bar also allows you to create customs forms. These forms can be product related or non-product related. You can use the customs forms as your sales order system or feedback or survey form. You can restrict the forms with specific products or with specific users.

You can access Catalogs Bar from your mobile phone app even if there is no internet connectivity. For example, you are travelling to a remote village where no internet is available. In that same location, you can upload product information. Later, you can update the added information with internet access.

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