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    With the mobile sales order app – Catalog Bar, enrich the experience of your B2B customers!

What is Sales Order Management?

With its sales order management feature, Catalog Bar, also known as the sales order taking app, helps you improve customer services and increase revenue. It allows your sales reps to access data related to real-time inventory availability, customer preferences, debt status, pending orders and more.

Optimize sales through B2B sales order app

Customize Forms

One of the best sales apps for Android and iOS devices, Catalog Bar lets you customize forms for your varied needs like sales, survey, feedback and others. You get the freedom of assigning these forms to specific users/product categories. Moreover, you can add the customer field in order to fetch details of your wholesale buyers, retailers and distributors. Not just these forms help improve products, but better understand business users, thereby improving sales order management.

Custom Form for B2B e-Commerce
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Product/Non-product Forms

Just like the full control over your e-catalog, you get to customize your sales/survey/feedback forms completely with the sales order taking app, Catalog Bar. Whether it is product related or not, Catalog Bar – the sales order tracking software – allows you to enjoy this freedom. Also, product-related forms can help fetch critical details about the customer, be it a wholesaler, retailer or distributor, upon selecting a product and adding it to the cart.

Who Will See?

Being the admin, Catalog Bar – a sales order processing software – allows you to enjoy many rights. One of them is designating a form to a particular user group level or a product, and assigning a different form to the other group or product. Indeed, this sales order management feature of Catalog Bar helps in the collection of data about a particular set of customers, including wholesalers, retailers and distributors, or products.

Restricted user Access in B2B e-commerce platform
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Publish Forms

You can easily create PDFs for the sales orders, download the same, and share with your sales reps, wholesale customers, retailers and distributors.

Published sales catalog form