Analysing customer interests about your product range with digital catalogs

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January 29, 2018

Customer analysis is an important practice to evaluate the customers so that the company can find out their activities related to the product or service the business is offering. A group of the customer can demand different types of products from the same brand. The company in return can provide these products to fulfill the customer demands only after analyzing the factors that prompt them to buy the particular products.

Customize your products in digital catalog

A digital catalog gives you the comprehensive platform where you can customize, arrange, and share the product information to suit your business. By analyzing the behavior of your customers, you can show the particular product to the customers who show interest in that particular item.

Assume that you have a business of selling different products. With analytics feature in Catalog Bar, the online catalog builder app, you can sort out which customer has shown interest in which range of products. In this mobile catalog app, you can view the history of customers’ movement.

On this analytic page, you can filter out type of search options – User Analytics or Category Analytics. In User Analytics, you can view the graph representation of the users’ behavior. It shows how many times a user or multiple users visited the page. You can also filter out the data according to the date wise – current date, last few days, weeks, months, or custom range.

In Category Analytic, you see all the activities performed on the products. It shows the activities of the users – time code of login and log out of users, how frequent they use the catalog, and which users viewed the specific products frequently.

In this e-catalog, you can also filter out analysis of a specific device the users are using such as Web, Mobile, or All Device. From this data, you will know which users are accessing the Catalog Bar app from which device.

After the audit is completed, you can define who wants to buy which products. For example, Customer 1 frequently accessed the information about Product 1 then you know what exactly his particular customer is looking for. In the next step, you can update your catalog with more information about the same product. You can also arrange your inventory to sell the product as soon as the customer booked the sales order.

Keep a track of consumer activity with digital catalog

A digital catalog has the potential capacity to carry all the activities related to sales business. On this platform, you can randomly enter all kinds of information related to the transaction. For an instance, you just sold Product X to a customer. By using Catalog Bar, you can create a “Product X” category. Under this category, you can add several fields like product type, price, purchase date and the number of a product. Once you created your catalog on this order management software, you do not need to redesign new catalog every time you enter a new field. If you want the in-depth detail, you can add extra fields like demographics of consumers.

With stock keeping unit (SKU) facility in Catalog Bar, you can track the transaction of specific products. You can spot the products that are ready to sell in the pick list of your catalog app. From

this list, you can characterize the type of customers and their buying habits. You can view the number of people who purchase a particular product or a group of customers who buy different products of the same brand. For example, in Region 1, a group of customers frequently buys Product P1, while another group prefers Product P2 from Brand X.

Start easy planning of business

Assume that you are a wholesaler who deals with a variety of products. From Catalog Bar’s SKU facility, you found out that a typical group of customers has been repurchasing a specific product during a specific period of the year. By using this B2B commerce platform, you can book sales order of particular products beforehand. As an example, a group of consumers from Location 1 was buying Product P3 during summer. In order to fulfill their demand, you can book sales order few months ahead of the time. As soon as summer comes, you can exhibit your product at the right time and get ready for the delivery process. With this catalog application, you can make buy and sell order at your fingertip.

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