How many times have you come across a brand’s great video message while scrolling though the Facebook feed? Imagine if that same content was presented like a simple Facebook post or podcast or blog. What are the chances you will give it the 60 seconds you gave it in the video format?
Even the biggest businesses have realized that visual content is better than verbal or tested content because auditory memory is inferior to visual memory. Customers tend to remember and retain what they see rather than what they hear. The effect good visual content has on a customer is far superior than auditory or textual content.
One of the biggest barriers visual content transcends is that of language. A good picture or a great video often needs little support to move the audience and deliver the message. Graphical representation of a complex product or a video showing how something is done is a lot more engaging than plain text or audio.
Strong engagement is the biggest point working in favor of good visual content. And if it is engaging, it will drive traffic. Visual content is great for increasing traffic to the source. When it is shared across social media it helps generate good quality leads and actionable data.
Sometimes a viewer has to see it to believe it. Visual content has the power of building trust in the mind of the viewer. It is a great tool to communicate a positive public image on social media and other platforms. For these reasons it is vital to give importance to visual content in the promotional strategy of your company.
With great catalog and other design tools available a company can create good quality visual content like videos, digital catalog, image carousel, slides and infographics to appeal to its customers.

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