Visibility of your stocks to sales team can improve order conversions

Visibility of your stocks to sales team can improve order conversions

For a company, selling of products and services to obtain revenue income is the priority task to make its business functions. In order to acquire a monetary target, the company needs to keep reviewing its marketing strategies. The organisation management would analyse their products and sales details before the sales season started.

Analyse your product sales

For example, you have a floriculture company that deals in the floral industry. The company provides flower products like ornamental plants, fresh flowers, plant breeding, potpourri ingredients, garden plants, cut flower, and other rare orchids. Currently, your business is growing at an average pace and you wish it to peak in the coming season. The only mechanism to bring a successful business is to sell more products at a right time.

First, the company should analyze the sales rate of your products. You found out that the sales of these floral products are depending on seasons. For instance, the number of marigold sales is high in autumn and rose is higher in spring. Your aim is to sell more flowers next year.

Communication gap can impede your business

For every good business plan, there should be a smooth coordination among the dealing persons. Here is an example how a communication gap deters your business.

Your flower growing farm is located at Imphal. Meanwhile, the sales team has been informed that customers in Kochi have a huge demand for the bouquet. So you wanted to distribute more bouquets to your sales team in and around Kochi region. Here, the main problem of the business is delaying of distributing products due to a lack of communication among the people in the industry. A phone call and email are used as the means of communication between the flower growers, sales team, and distributors. This method of communication is not potent enough to bring a flawless ordering of the products in time causing a drawback in your business.

Every time, the customers demand a particular product, the distributors will contact the sales team through a phone call. If one of the persons from either group is not available to pick up the phone, they will have to send an email. As we know people can’t check their email every minute, there is an enormous chance of missing out the deal.

Problem of time lag in product distribution

A floral industry calls for a lot of determination and energy. From cultivating a plant from its buds to customer delivery, the process needs an accurate scheduling. When the customers in Kochi demanded bouquets, the distributors will notify it to the sales team. Then the sales team will order the products to the growers. For delivery, the growers will send the fresh flowers to sales team which is posted in another region. Floral processing like cutting and packaging is executed here. Finally, the products will be distributed to the retailers.

The transport system of delivering the products may be either by flight, railway, or a road vehicle. As you know transporting by flight is expensive, railway and road remain as the good options. There is another problem of changing routes since there are regions where railway service is not available. This method of distribution takes at least 15 days. Within 15 days period, there are possibilities that some customers might switch to other players. When the products are delivered to the distributors, some of them would be sold but the rest remain unsold in the store. Fresh flowers need special caring and they could easily decay if they are not delivered in time.

Stay fresh with e-catalog app

To bring a fast and accurate service, adopt the catalog software. Catalog Bar, an online catalog builder provides you a platform for buying and selling a business. The catalog app has a dynamic approach in every way around. Users can create and customise their product details on the content management system. With catalog software, you can add desire numbers of fields and categories of your choice. The app is easy to use and avail to people who need it. These fields may include product image, price, number of stock, locations, and other information of the product. You can add members of sales team and distributors and show them the specific information you want them to view.

Catalog app helps the users to learn about the current demand products, locations of the store where specific numbers of stock are available. The platform gives a real-time trading facility. This method will improve the ordering and delivery process of the products.

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