Printing and distributing paper catalogues is a huge waste of money

In olden days, people preferred newspapers or brochures for searching the item of choice to be bought. They may travel to far marketplaces to take part in a trading. Their business platform was printing and paper.

A trail of paper tale

Papyrus or the first kind of paper from this paper plant was used thousands of years ago. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used pulp-made sheets to write important information for the countries’ governances. It was the Chinese who officially invented the pulp paper in 105 A.D.

Paper and printing industry became a prospering business in Europe during the thirteenth century. Government offices, educational institutions and other personal and business sectors heavily depended on paper.

Usage of paper in business

The most important means of postal system was paper letters and postcards. Printed catalogues were popular for sending messages for business use. Retail department of a company would spend a lot money as acquisition cost of paper products such as brochures, catalogues, and booklets.

Companies usually dropped the postcards and catalogues in a mailbox so that the postal service in the area would distribute to its customers. On the other end, the receivers would pick items from the catalogues for purchasing. This method takes time and energy for exchanging messages.

The paper greeting cards were still in demand till the early 2000s during festive seasons. The popularity became slowly faded away when internet and virtual reality invaded the paper business.

Paper waste on printing and distribution

Company offices waste tonnes of papers every year on printing, packaging, and distributing business related information. Some of the commonly used paper-made items in the office are books, magazines, notepads, brochures, catalogues, banners, and other food grade paper cups.

Besides paper, they would be spending a huge amount of money on ink and leverage. At the same time, there is no ‘backspace’ option to correct an error once you printed a document on a paper. Reprinting of the same is doubling the cost.

More than 90% of papers come from the tree.  Trees are cut down to make paper pulps. A paper producing tree might take several years to become fully grown. This is one of the biggest factors responsible of disturbing our ecosystem. Companies should try not to use papers as possible as they can.

Pace up along with electronic media

Before the use of the internet was popular, traders and retailers would wait for daily updates on their radio sets for business bulletins. If a person missed out the session, he can’t opt for a repeat telecast. He had to wait for another session on the other day. This kind of incidents might discourage a person from knowing the latest trends in marketing. It could badly affect the flows of the business.

Customers would travel to convenience stores for purchasing inventories. Sometimes they hoarded the stocks in the basement of their house in case they need them in emergencies. People who resided in remote towns faced more problems in purchasing goods.

During the past two decades, the facets of our livelihoods have changed since the introduction of smart technologies. In course of time with the availability of cutting-edge technologies, a company can acquire more opportunities to promote their products and services on the digital platform.

Digital platform is the future of sharing catalogues

For a less expensive and feasible way of sharing information, you can use e-catalog software. Catalog Bar, the online catalogue maker has a unique feature of creating your own catalogues with less hassle. You can customise catalogue pages as this B2B e-commerce software allows you to add fields, categories, and required files according to your preference. You can create attractive catalogues by adding images, locations, and other information about your products and services. Once you are done creating a catalogue, you can share it with your clients and partners. This will also improve your online sales ordering system.

See now, buy now

Now the world is pacing with electronic gadgets, so does marketing system. Online markets become a huge platform for buying and selling any kind of service. Customers are only one click away from delivering their demands. A list of items on a catalog can be chosen from the internet in few seconds. Anything can be bought and sold online. From furniture and electronic appliances to food, fashion, and real estate, there are certain things that are fixed on a single platform. As soon as they chose a product, there will be a communication between the buyers and sellers. E-commerce is seemingly taking over a manual market system.

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