Catalogs have helped businesses spread awareness about their products for decades. Statistics suggest that both services and products advertised through catalogs have achieved great success. ‘Clicks’ turn to ‘buys’ only when the customer gets satisfactory information about the product or service they are considering. This makes a digital catalog the best marketing tool for small businesses who are trying to differentiate themselves from the crowd.
Through a well-designed digital catalog you can achieve unprecedented results both in terms of traffic and conversions. You get a platform to portray your offerings in the best light making an instant impression on the customer. The perfectly laid out details help the customer weigh your product against his requirement and make a quick decision. It is the most cost effective tool for persuasion for a small business.
Catalog Bar gives you simple tools to create your own distinct digital catalog that can give you the following benefits:
1. Reach – The impact of the reach of a digital catalogue can be felt in the long run. All the updated products can be visible to the connected users in real-time basis without much effort.
2. Cost effective – Cost of promotion is a big issue for small businesses, a digital catalog is the most cost effective form of promotion that can go out and maximize the utility with minimum investment.
3. Gives credibility – Over-ruling the idea of traditional marketing and resorting to new technologically enabled solutions can enhance the Brand Credibility and result in increased trust among the stakeholders. This gradual building of trust can act as a catalyst in the sales processes.
4. Share-ability – It can easily be shared with retailers, wholesale agents, C & F Agents, dealers, distributors, Sales force of your company. It can add a new paradigm to the product selection, order placement as well as fulfilment. It will further bring down the lead time and ensure better brand visibility.
A digital catalog is what in olden days was word-of-mouth publicity and small businesses cannot afford to ignore it. With simple catalog making tools at any business can make a huge difference to its bottom-line.

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