• E-Catalogs for Machines & Tools that truly helps

Unlimited product

Upload as many tools and machine items as you can no limitations on adding the number of items added to the catalog. Stay ahead of your competitors by automating the catalog to order process for your clients.

Customizable catalog

Managing Tools and machine product catalog can be made easy by Catalog Bar. Add / Delete or Edit the product details in Catalog Bar without any technical knowledge.

Highly Secure

Catalog Bar is fully secure to use, only admin can distribute the rights to the user to access the catalog .Highly secure payment Gateway make the payment against your order hassle free.

Sales Order Management

Manage your sales and order through Catalog Bar sales and order form. Use custom forms to track your consumer request and manage your sales.


E-Catalog for Machineries & Tools

Power up your sales rep with the e-catalog for the your product lines. With Catalog Bar always keep your catalog sales ready. Easy to manage & update with the new products or price changes. Sales reps can put the order from the client location in the real time and the order will be be updated in the back end and process of delivering the order can be started immediately. This will reduce the order completion time and improve the efficiency for the sales reps.

Multi-platform online sales app for Industrial parts & chemicals
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A quicker and more effective electronic ordering process

The Catalog Bar app has facilitate your company move away from paper over to electronic ordering and catalog to create a smoother ordering process. The online ordering process ensured that all relevant product information is available in one place (the app) for all reps to find at any time.

Interactive B2B e-commerce solution for Industrial parts & chemicals