• Route Accounting Software

    With the basic route accounting system of Catalog Bar, optimize sales and improve store delivery!

Enhance Productivity of Field Reps

Efficient inventory check: With the route accounting software, quickly take stock of products, replenish them, and make sure retail stores never run low on trendsetters.

Faster order writing/payment collection:  Issue invoice, collect payment, and capture every business communication with electronic proof at the store itself.

Differential pricing: Set up different pricing for a product while pitching different customers.

Peddle sales: Get easy access to an account’s sales order history, bestselling and trendsetting products, and more.

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Get a Complete Sales Solution

Access back-office anytime: Let your field and/or sales reps easily connect to client and product details with the help of Catalog Bar mobile app.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): The iOS/Android mobile app easily runs on existing and future devices. Certainly, this helps to reduce hardware costs big time.

Attractive e-catalogs: Fully customizable e-catalogs with high-resolution images and smart filters to narrow down the search, help drive pre-sales and spot sales.

Easily map images during Import in B2B sales app

360-degree View of Stock and Sales

Control inventory: Catalog Bar enhances your stock vision, including real-time inventory tracking, delivery, and returned products. Like this, you can easily lower your operational costs.

Replenish stock: Let your sales reps write bulk orders and make interval replenishment suggestions while on-the-go.

Get sales insights: With Catalog Bar, get real-time sales reports. Also, equip your sales team with critical information like customer order history, product preferences and more.

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