• Mobile Merchandising Software

    Take a lead with Catalog Bar mobile merchandising applications that lets you sell  effectively!

Effective Merchandising

Data collection: Help your field representative take a note of information about new product introductions, competition, sale advertising, customer satisfaction, point of sale advertising, and more.

Stock check: The visual merchandising software helps field reps take stock of goods, give replenishment recommendations and ensure bestsellers never run out of stock.

Order taking: From writing orders quickly to collecting outstanding payments, the visual merchandiser software helps in maintaining an online record of all sales transactions.

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Conduct Retail Audits

Customize feedback forms: With few mouse clicks, customize feedback forms. Add drop-down values and validation rules along with optional and mandatory fields in order to make data collection easy.

Organized auditing: Easily capture audit information about pricing, promotional plans and more, on iOS and Android devices.

Offline: The mobile eCommerce app by Catalog Bar also works comfortably when offline. So, allow your sales and field reps to be operational even when the Internet is down.

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Complete Monitoring

Real-time tracking: As data related to inventory, product replenishment, compliance issues, promotions and more is fed into the CMS, you get the real-time reports.

Monitor activities: Easily trace if your sales team is adhering to activity plans shared with them or not.

Get opportunities: Access information like compliance issues, pricing and performance of new products, to discover new business opportunities.

Work in Collaboration: A field and/or sales rep gets the 360-degree view of customer interactions.

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