A simple customer portal can help create effortless sales

A few years ago, there was a tradition where the salespersons would go door-to-door to advertise their brand to the customers. They would be carrying a bundle of paper brochures and catalogs to display the products. They may travel to different locations throughout the year to find the right customers who could buy the product. This practice is diminishing since the invasion of technology.

Demerit of paper catalogs

Consider that a shoe company has recently released a new range of shoes. The manufacturer is trying to sell some specific types of shoes to the distributors by using paper catalogs. In this process, the company representatives would physically take the catalogs to the distributors at a meeting place. They need to include every small detail in the catalog because these shoes are not yet a huge demand in the market.

Due to some inconvenience in the catalog, size types of some shoes with limited edition are out of stock and they are still visible in the catalogs. Thanks to this small mistake, the reps would need to explain it to each and every single buyer. This situation may escalate into a chaos when other chain suppliers such as wholesalers and retailers face the same problem.

The only means to avoid this messy situation is to reprint the catalogs all over again. This could push the company to spend extra money on printing and distributions. It might also lose the position in the market due to the delay of product information.

Stay updated with e-catalog

A digital catalog can bring all the problems related to the out-of-date list to an end. Catalog Bar delivers you a B2B commerce portal where you can easily update your catalogs and give access to your sales reps and customers. With this catalog app, any user can add or delete any design or product by clicking a button without having to redesign the catalogs. The Catalog Bar app has three different platforms – Android, Web, and iOS. You can use it on your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

E-catalog allows you to highlight your new products in a professional manner. With this tool for sales reps, you can edit a catalog in quick time and give access to your sales reps and B2B partners with updated product information.

Save your money with digital catalog

A digital catalog can reduce the product cost on the unplanned reprinting of catalogs. With Catalog Bar, you can save your time, energy, and money for updating the catalogs. This catalog software allows you to update the designs in its computer management system (CMS) portal without redesigning the catalogs for adding new information in a new season. Once you are ready with your updated catalog, you can start sharing it with B2B partners.

Digital catalog provides you a simple customer portal

Catalog Bar has an exclusive stock keeping unit (SKU) facility that allows you to track a specific product for inventory purpose. An SKU helps you to identify any ready-to-buy item which is available in the catalog. For example, you are selling ribbons on your e-commerce catalog app. You can use an SKU number R-2-34 for a particular type of ribbon. This SKU tells the character of that ribbon – style R, size 2 metre, 34 orange colour.

With Catalog Bar, you can permit or block your customers from viewing the SKU details. This system helps in easy trading between B2B buyers and sellers. A sales order can be made flexible and customisable with this facility.

One catalog portal for everything

Catalog Bar has several components that make it superior to any other types of traditional or paper catalog. With this mobile catalog app, you can access your products information anywhere around the clock with your mobile phone or tablet. You can upload new information to your catalog application without internet. You can update it as soon as you have internet access.

You can upload unlimited numbers of product range you want to display in the catalog. You can impress your customers by displaying a variety of updated products.  Changing and quick updating of information can attract customers for the rush buy. The more you give updated information, the more it prevents your customers from switching to other competitors.

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