How to reduce order to dispatch time for your B2B customers

Generally, a transaction in buy and sell marketing has a long procedure. First, the salesperson will take a physical catalog to the customers. The customers will choose the product from the list of the salesperson on the field. The salesperson will order the items to purchase from the distributor. The distributor will prepare an invoice order. Finally, the ordered item will pack and deliver to the customer. This process of selling and buying consumes time. There may be incidents where the product delivery could delay due to a misinterpretation in logistics and transport services.

In this digital age, if you are following this method of marketing, your business may face an intrusion. You may lag behind your competitors and you could lose your ground. Here are some questions on the discrepancy of your business:

Does your sales delivery service satisfy your customers? Do your logistics services face wrong product delivery issue? Do you often receive complaints about late delivery? Are you still using paper documentation for sales order?

Digital catalog makes sales order easy

If you want to make progress of your business, it is time to throw away those dusty papers from your desk. Turn your laptop on and sign up with Catalog Bar. The incredible online catalog application presents you a dynamic B2B e-commerce platform where you can do all kinds of trade activities with ease.

Create and edit your catalog in a short period with the e-catalog software. As soon as you clicked on the mouse, the catalog will come into existence. You can add various fields and categories to your catalog. When the product uploading and updating are done, you can give access to your B2B partners and sales reps. A category can have several layers of sub-categories. For instance, you have a “food” category. Under this category, you can add a variety of food items like edible oil, pulses, vegetable, preserve food, and spices. Under “preserved food”, you can add, pickle, sauce, marinated food etc. Under “pickle”, you can continue with flavour and taste.

Shorten your dispatch time for your customers

Once you updated your catalog, your customers can view the product information. From this order management software, they can make multiple sales orders from the list of item that displayed in the catalog.

First, create the sales order forms using the customs forms in the Catalog Bar with the help of the inbuilt computer management system. Then you can give access to your sales reps, B2B partners, and other customers. When your sales reps or customers saw these forms, they can punch their sales order directly through their app. The Catalog Bar application is available on all the platforms – Android, Web, and iOS. You can manage your store according to the preference that suits your business.

Serve your customer demand with sales order management

With Catalog Bar, you can create your own customs forms by adding customer and product related fields. You can interact with your customer through these customizable forms. These custom forms

can help you to track your consumer request and manage your sales. Once you got their feedback, you will know which areas of your business are needs to be improved. Through this sales order app, you can generate more sales.

Digital catalog speeds up your business

If your sales orders can be done easily in a quick process with the digital catalog, the delivery of the product won’t delay. There are industries that sell their products for every season. At the end part of a season, they have to prepare catalog for the upcoming season.

For an instance, a fast moving consumer goods distributor reviewed the customs forms and spotted the mass demand product of the previous year. Regarding the historical data mentioned in the customs forms, the distributor ordered the same products and stacked up in the warehouse beforehand. When the selling season starts, it can instantly add the ready-to-sell products to the catalog. As soon as the catalog has updated, the distributor can exhibit their products. It has the opportunity to sell out quickly in the market since customers are looking for early bird suppliers.

Digital catalog brings you to the front line

Witch Catalog Bar, you can take giant steps ahead of your competitors. You can upload as many items you want since the dynamic software allows you to upload an unlimited range of products. In addition to this, the digital platform doesn’t need heavy labour to operate it. You can save production cost for printing and distribute paper catalogs. It provides you an environment where you can make money with no chaos and tension.

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