How do you protect your physical catalogs with a lot of sensitive information

In order to advertise your brand product, you must display the products to several buyers – sales team, channel partners, wholesaler, distributors, retailers, and end customers. Each of the buyers needs a catalog in which the information of a specific product is highlighted.

In your catalog, you must separately mention the cost price for each of these buyers. Sometimes, you need to add the technical drawing and other sensitive information which should be seen only by sales team or dealers. Generally, the cost price of a specific product may vary from one buyer to another. As an example, you cannot allow a retailer to view the cost price of a product that is meant for the wholesaler.

Traditional catalog and its drawback

In a supply chain of cosmetic products, there is a long line of buyers. As an example, a company is selling cold cream to different buyers – distributors, wholesalers, and retail companies. The company is selling the same product at different prices to each of the buyers. For this, they decide to publish separate catalogs for each buyer because it is unwise to show all the details meant for a buyer to another buyer.

The company in their catalog must mention all these information. If they are using the traditional paper-printed catalog, they need to publish multiple types of paper catalogs just to segregate one catalog to other. Besides, paper catalogs are bulky and difficult to carry. They can neither add all the information of one product in one catalog nor update the information of any product on the paper catalog. Updating and re-printing of paper catalogs for every season are costly.

Catalog software benefits over traditional one

With Catalog Bar, you can change or arrange the information according to your needs. With e-catalog, you can manage your catalog with just a click of a button. You can modify the categories, subcategories, images, and background theme on this content management system. The catalog software allows you to add or delete the products anytime and provide access to your clients and sales representative.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use catalog software. No coding or technical knowledge is required to customise your catalog. With this B2B commerce portal, you can easily execute the activities like creating, updating, and deleting information. You can use Catalog Bar from your mobile phone without internet access and upload new information, in the offline mode. The new materials can be updated as soon as you receive the internet.

Manage information in your user-friendly e-catalog

Catalog Bar provides you a user-friendly platform where you can manage users’ accessibility. With this B2B e-commerce portal, you can allow certain clients to have direct access to the parts and accessories offered by the vendor. They can also place the order from the catalog itself.

With e-catalog, you can easily manage your product information by categorizing and sub-categorizing the products. Also, you can restrict the access to the products according to the customer needs.

Attach confidential files to your e-catalog

Catalog Bar is a secure application to use. Your data is SSL encrypted and kept on a highly secure enterprise-grade cloud server. You can attach confidential files and documents to your catalog and share with the specific users.

On this catalog app, only admin can distribute the rights to the user to access the catalog.

Build a brand loyalty with catalog software

With Catalog Bar, you can manage your sales and order through custom forms. These forms can help you to track your consumer request and manage your sales.

If you are planning to sell a specific product, you have to put a layout on a medium in which the information about the product, usage, and its quality is highlighted. A catalog is an important element for promoting the products as well as the brand image. It allows your customers to take a quick access to the products and services your company is offering. A catalog carries the facet of the brand. An attractive and informative catalog draws the customers’ attention. This strategy will help in increasing your company’s revenue. Whenever you create a catalog, make sure it contained all the necessary info about the products and its benefits.

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