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What is Catalog Bar Partner Program?

Catalog Bar is a cloud-based sales platform that empowers its customers, including wholesalers, distributors or retailers, to sell effectively and efficiently. With this association, businesses get an opportunity to build up their brand, boost revenue and reduce cost.

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What are the benefits of Catalog Bar Partner Program?

Catalog Bar does the required hand-holding for beginners on the B2B eCommerce platform. While you associate with Catalog Bar Partner Program, experience the following:

Marketing Tools: Gain easy access to assets leading demand generation and awareness campaigns.

Sales Tools: Accelerate your sales with Catalog Bar in order to deliver value and generate revenue. Catalog Bar resources designed to help you drive top-line revenue. Also gain access to all resources, including positioning information, demos and case studies, you’ll require to build and close pipeline.

Register Deals: Deal registration is important to get compensation for your work. Besides simple and fast, the Catalog Bar Partner Program maintains the confidentiality of any deal registration.

Training & Support: Undoubtedly, the partner feature can play a crucial role while writing your success story. Further, the training modules focus on content in three core areas: Foundations, Sales & Marketing, and Technical/Product.

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Program FAQs

Who can become a Catalog Bar partner

If you are a legitimate business with a website and wish to apply to become a partner, please fill out this Catalog Bar Partner Program Registration Form.
Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you

Is an agreement required to become a Catalog Bar Partner?

Yes, upon approval each Partner must sign a partnership agreement in order to officially join the Catalog Bar Partner Program.

Does Catalog Bar levy a membership charge on its partners?

No, catalog Bar does not levy a membership charge on its partners.

When are Partner commissions paid?

Partner commissions are processed quarterly and paid at the start of the next quarter.

Whom to contact regarding questions about partner commissions?

In case you have any questions about partner commissions, please write to