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    Pronounce your fashion and ramp-up your apparel sales with online catalogs software – Catalog Bar!

Online Catalog or E-Catalog

With sales order app Catalog Bar, get an interactive display for your fashion apparel and accessory stock while you look professional. From developing line sheets to adding smart filters, and accommodating multiple product sizing options and price levels to changing background color and theme, you get to customize your e-catalog completely. Also, you can categorize the product information with images and videos. Not to forget, e-catalogs are much easier to explore unlike the paper ones.

Access B2B e-catalog for apparels

Available on All Platforms

Mark your presence on the World Wide Web for the B2B fashion companies which are majorly desktop and laptop users. Also, the iOS and Android users can easily access fashion apparel and accessory e-catalogs on their mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, the B2B online sales application can run catalogs on iOS and Android devices even if you do not have any Internet connection. So, it’s time to Get More with Multi-channel Sales Approach!

Access Apperal e-catalog anytime anywhere any-platform
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Reduce Product Cost

Get ready to save both – time and money. Keep the hassle of regularly updating and reprinting your catalogs every new season, at bay. All you need to do is feed the CMS of Catalog Bar with your latest fashion apparel and accessory designs and related information. And, manage your catalog users by restricting their rights and/or hiding confidential/sensitive information. Also, Catalog Bar allows you to import or export product information from Excel.

Cost Reduction by using E-catalog sales app

Anytime & Anywhere

The B2B fashion distribution has become way too easy as e-catalogs can be viewed and modified anytime and anywhere on your desktop/mobile. Even in cases of changes made to the e-catalogs, it takes only a few seconds to reflect and share the revised e-catalog with the sales representatives, dealers, retailers and distributors. Stop visiting clients, picking up their requests and getting back to them; sell efficiently and effectively on the web and sales order app.

Access Apperal e-catalog anytime anywhere any-platform
Get your style right on the B2B eCommerce platform! Sign up now for 14-day free trial.
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Sell Fashion Apparel & Accessories in Style

Be it pre-season, during season or post-season, the fashion apparel and accessories industry remains on toes all year round. But Catalog Bar eases it out for the ones who want their voice to be heard on the fashion B2B platform. Making fashion sales ordering flexible and customizable, the online catalog software helps you develop multiple catalogs that support future inventory, multiple delivery dates, feedback forms and more. So, it’s The Platform Fashion Needs!

Access B2B sales app anytime anywhere

Take Orders from Mobile/Tablet

Ordering was never this quick from B2B fashion wholesale customers! With stunning e-catalogs designed through the mobile order management software – Catalog Bar, gear up to witness a sharp increase in order size and margins. Also, capture orders and customer details from your mobile. Further, its Analytics feature helps you identify the popular products too. So, it’s time to Go for Catalog Bar!

Place order on Mobile/Tablet catalog app

Get started with mobile sales app – Catalog Bar!

Easy sign up/sign in, product categorization/sub-categorization and smart filters easily lead your customers to the desired fashion apparel and accessory on the B2B sales app – Catalog Bar!