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Interactive E-Catalog

With Catalog Bar, be the much-needed change for the wholesale eCommerce platform. Adopt the professional approach as you display your children accessories and toys stock through e-catalogs on the website and mobile app of your own. Give an interactive presentation of your B2B children accessories and toys by making navigation possible through an array of filters, including age, gender, color categories and theme. Not just this, customize your e-catalog completely with images and videos for B2B customers, retailers and distributors. Also, B2B children accessories and toys e-catalogs are much easier to explore than the traditional paper ones. So, it’s time to Glow Green with Online Sheen!

Interactive multi-platform B2B ecommerce platform

Enjoy all the Attention

Come onboard and go global with a dedicated web portal and mobile catalog app for your brand. Not to worry, the mobile sales app allows you to view children accessories and toys on display while in the offline mode. Also, Catalog Bar compliments sales channels to increase the frequency and number of orders. Be it upselling or cross-selling, the online and mobile order management system empowers you to strike the right chord with customers, retailer and distributors. So, it’s time to Expand Sales Channels!

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Save a Lot

When it’s about saving money; who will not show interest. A lot of money is spent when it comes to updating and reprinting your children accessories and toys catalogs for the B2B wholesale platform. Acting as your savior, the CMS of Catalog Bar is just needed to be fed with your product information, including relevant specs, display colors, images and detailed patterns. And, you will get a customized e-catalog for your children accessories and toys stock. Also, manage your catalog users by restricting their rights to view your products. So, it’s time to Save a Lot!

Cost Reduction by using E-catalog sales app

Know No Boundaries

E-catalogs by Catalog Bar have completely changed the face of B2B children accessories and toy distribution. While the e-catalogs can be viewed and modified anytime and anywhere on your desktop or mobile, it takes even lesser time for changes to go live on your own website and mobile catalog app. Also, Catalog Bar ensures that you make a well-prepared sales pitch by offering data on pricing, displays, competition and compliance issues. So, it’s time to Go Boundless to Score Well!

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Sell Children Accessories & Toys with Love

Infants and children just need what they saw. So, the children accessories and toys industry needs to be up and running all the time. Amidst much hassle, Catalog Bar has brought the much-desired freshness in the market. From getting your brand noticed to servicing your B2B wholesale customers, retailers and distributors 24×7, the online and mobile catalog management system will help you achieve your business targets easily. Further, Catalog Bar allows you to develop e-catalogs as per your customer’s requirements. So, it’s Time to Gain Voice!

Stylish B2B sales app for Toys

Trace Orders from Mobile

Undoubtedly, increase in cash flow and writing orders faster help in achieving the upward graph every entrepreneur aims at. And, this is possible with the mobile order management system of Catalog Bar. Not just this, the mobile catalog app allows your back office to improve processing speed and accuracy. Also, get the 360-degree view of all the sales-related activities against each customer account, including order summaries, follow-up actions, reminders and sales history among others. So, it’s time to Go Far With Catalog Bar!

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