• Sales Catalog and Ordering App

Customized Catalogs

Add, Delete and edit items in the catalog easily. Showcase your latest handicraft designs to the retailers and give them option to place order from the app with Catalog Bar.

Offline Access

Access your catalogs anywhere anytime, even if there is not internet connectivity. Just access your catalog in the mobile or tablet app once and the catalog will be stored in the phone/tablet memory and it can be accessed even there is no internet connectivity in the mobile or tablet.

Fully Secure

Catalog Bar is secure to use. Your data is safe with us and kept on highly secure cloud servers. Highly secured payment gateway lets your client and sales rep to pay the amount for the order directly from the portal.

Customizable Forms

With custom forms you can directly take the orders from the clients or can punch their feedbacks in the portal itself.


Catalog Bar for B2B Handicraft Business

The main challenge dealers face today is the different designs and different pricing for the products and to display all the products to the retailers. With E-catalog this can be easily overcome and can increase the sales speed. Retails can them-self choose the products from the e-catalog and place the order directly from the app. Dealers can easily manage their catalogs and update with just a click and keep their catalog updated with the new designs.

Optimize sales through B2B sales order app
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E-catalog & Sales App for Handicraft Dealers

As there is a increase in the demand of Handicrafts in all over the world, an e-catalog is a good solution for the dealers to make their reach in all parts of the globe. With E-catalog dealers can easily manage the designs and price for each kind of customers and location and take the order remotely without going physically to the retailers.

Easy to create online catalog - Catalog Bar