• B2B Mobile Sales App for Food centers & Happiness Hubs

All in one

Catalog bar can manage your all the task related to Food & Beverages catalogs in most efficient manner. Sales reps can quickly and easily take orders, issue invoices & collect payments all on site.

Reduce production cost

By using Catalog Bar for your food & beverages catalogs you can save your production cost for paper work for printing the catalogs. No man power required, hassle free money transition and much more.

Fully Secure

Catalog Bar is fully secure to use, only admin can distribute the rights to the concerned person, highly secure payment Gateway for the money transactions ensures a secure money transaction between customer & seller.

Fully Customizable

In food and beverages catalog, it is easy to update food and beverages items. Add / Delete items in your catalog, Changes images for the items, change prices for items. Manage your catalog by yourself without having technical knowledge.


Mobile sales and merchandising solution for Food & Beverages Industry

Maximize your van sales and streamline your direct store deliveries. Sales reps can quickly and easily take orders, issue invoices & collect payments all on site, at the store.

With access to real-time stock levels, and ability to use decimal points for quantities, reps can place orders efficiently, and eliminate orders that cannot be fulfilled.

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E-commerce for Food & Beverages Industry

Provide your retailers with a branded storefront app and a web portal from which they can easily order goods from you, wherever they might be, in or out of the store. Manage different catalogs with different price lists for your customers, delivering a differentiated self-service experience.