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    With the lead capture system of Catalog Bar, get critical consumer data for effective sales!

Lead Capture

The lead management software – Catalog Bar helps in the collection of data, including details of wholesale customers, retailers and distributors, for your promotions. While this critical data plays a pivotal role in boosting sales, you can easily develop a high-converting lead capture strategy for your B2B business with Catalog Bar.

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User/consumer details can be captured without any hassle with the lead management system of Catalog Bar. Develop a registration form from the CMS of Catalog Bar. You get the freedom of setting up the fields in the form as per your hunger for the customer details. Further, the data captured through forms gets stored in the CMS of Catalog Bar. And, a potential consumer can be given access to the e-catalogs after reviewing the same.

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Restricted Access

Catalog Bar – the lead capture system – allows you to restrict the rights of a registered user/consumer, including distributor, retailer or B2B wholesaler, to view a product e-catalog fully or partially. Without any hassle, you can group registered users of similar interests and preferences, and control their access to your e-catalogs by Catalog Bar – a lead capture app.

Restricted Access user access to categories on your sales catalog