• Import / Export Data

    With the import/export data feature of Catalog Bar, develop e-catalogs with great ease!

Import/Export Data

With Catalog Bar, you can easily perform CMS export activities effortlessly. Export data related to your products, including specifications, categories and sub-categories, and images, from an Excel sheet in one go. And, feed the same into the CMS of Catalog Bar to customize e-catalogs. Similarly, CMS import is equally user friendly. Further, the production information or analytical data available in the CMS of Catalog Bar can be easily downloaded in the Excel format.

Import and export data from B2B sales app

Easy Application

Undoubtedly, the import and export data feature of Catalog Bar makes it easier for you to develop your e-catalogs in a much faster way. All you need to do is import a template, insert data, add or delete columns, and export Excel file to the CMS of Catalog Bar – the e-catalog maker. Need not to worry, the catalog application will automatically adjust to the product fields with respect to the columns in the input file.

Easy to create online catalog - Catalog Bar
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Map Images

With Catalog Bar, you can easily map product images by just searching with the image name. Further, this paces up the e-catalog development and/or updation process.

Easily map images during Import in B2B sales app