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Design B2B eCommerce Catalogs

Multiple catalogs: Customize e-catalogs for your buyers. Develop different catalogs as per the needs of your B2B customers.

Customize presentation: Optimize B2B eCommerce experience while you make navigating e-catalogs easier by adding smart filters.

Multiple views: Display your product in various views, including thumbnail, item details only and grid.

Multiple pricing/currency: Get the much-needed online sales flexibility and develop catalogs with different price lists/currencies.

Promotions Plans: Develop promotion plans for upselling and cross-selling your products.

Easily map images during Import in B2B sales app

Get your B2B eCommerce Website

Mobile storefront: Get a 24×7 B2B sales platform in a mobile app, compatible in iOS and Android devices.

Build Your brand: Get your own B2B sales app available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Web Catalog: Launch your B2B web portal with a secure login feature.

Easy and quick: Give a B2C-like shopping experience on the B2B wholesale platform with e-catalogs.

Sign up easily: Expose your potential customers to the self-registration process.

B2B sales platform in a mobile app
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Control your B2B eCommerce Business Completely

Targets setting: Plan, set and monitor your sales targets at product, catalog, and customer levels.

Order confirmation: Share order confirmation in PDF and spreadsheet formats with your customers.

Sales performance: Get business insights like popular products by customer and category, and sales trends by customer, and other reports, to drive sales and sail smoothly on the B2B eCommerce marketplace.

Customer dashboard: Give customers a clear picture of their transactions with you through a self-service dashboard.

Custom Form for B2B e-Commerce