Enabling your sales team to capture customer surveys and product feedbacks

For a business, customer’s feedback is the most important information to boost the sales. By taking your customer’s feedback, you can detect the weak areas in your trait. After evaluating the customer’s feedback, you can establish a plan to fulfill their demand so that your company would yield a better service.

Need for interaction with customer

Customers are the people who pay you. Their payment is your revenue. You need to mind it when they say something about your product and service. An interaction session with the customers is required in order to give a good service.

Consider that you own a sales company. After you started selling the products, some customers are not satisfied with the service. On the other hand, your sales manager has no idea what went wrong with the service. Is it about the product quality? Are they not okay with pricing? Is there any problem with product delivery system?

Whatever it takes, the sales operation needs to gather customers’ feedback to find out what exactly they want.

Some methods to get the feedback

Your company needs the platforms where it can conduct customer survey involving the sales team. First, the organisation should set a platform where the interaction can take place between the sales team and customers. For this, you have many options as the means of communication. A few examples are physical interaction, customer survey through email, phone call, social media, and order management software.

Physical meeting: The salespersons would have the face-to-face interactions with the customers. They would talk about the provided service and how it works. This method is possible if only the sales process is carried out in a shop. Customers need to travel to the shop if they have queries about the product.

Phone call: Someone from the sales team would give phone calls to the customers. In most cases, people avoid pesky phone calls. They get easily annoyed if they received calls from unknown numbers.

Email: In this format, you would prepare a set of basic survey questions and send to the customers. They would answer according to the types of questions in the survey. This process has a limitation since there may be other questions left out. At the same time, not every customer wants to read emails. People have no time to check emails for every brand they use.

Social media: You would audit social media sites and track the keywords of the specific product or brand. You would receive the feedback from the customers who are discussing your service. This system needs the watchdog for the whole clock cycle.

Order management software: This is the most convenient way of taking survey till now. In this method, you can interact with customers through a cloud-based application where you can instantly sell the product and receive the feedback in a short period of time.

Digital portal’s primacy over physical interaction

Unlike other means of communications, a digital catalog has an exclusive feature where the buyers and sellers can execute the required actions to achieve their target. With this B2B commerce platform, the users can explore the aggregate knowledge about the services they are concerned.

With digital order management software, you can manage your commerce platform in a way that any business or contract can take place in a simple manner. Catalog Bar has a dynamic portal where you can sell your products and get the feedback from the buyers. On its in-built content management system, you can add and edit multiple fields and categories as per your needs. With this e-catalog, you can upload information about the product, update it, and give access to multiple users like B2B partners, sales reps, and other customers.

Give and take anything using Catalog Bar application

Catalog Bar, the online catalog application provides you a 360-degree expedition of sales business. Besides the dynamic facilities for buying and selling, the web and mobile catalogs app also allows you to create customs forms to interact with your customers. With this sales order software, you can add customer and product related fields. There, you can ask them anything – opinions, experience, quality, drawback, and impression towards the service or brand.

From their feedback, you know about your service quality, areas need to improve, how they perceive your product or in what way they want your service. You can go through your customers’ request and manage your sales. In this way, Catalog Bar helps you improve your mode of doing business.

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