Do you capture a lot of customer information offline

A business can be a successful one when it provides the products and services to the right people at the right place. If you are doing a business, you ought to know your target market and its areas of concern. A customer is the key element of effective marketing. No business is possible sans customers.

Need to know customer profiles

If you are selling a specific product, you have to know to whom you are selling it. You cannot simply sit inside a cardboard box and hand over the product to the unknown mass whether they like it or not. If a “likely” customer shows an interest in the product, you shouldn’t wait and see the next move. As an example, a man walks into a bakery shop. He walks towards the rack where different bakery items are kept. He looks across the rack and leaves the shop without purchasing anything.

So what could be the problem with this customer? What is he looking for? Didn’t he know that the product is available in the store?

This kind of incident happens when the business fails to identify the target customer. In order to achieve an effective marketing, a business demands a brief profile of customers.

Identify your customer for an effective marketing

If you want to improve your business, identify the people who would buy your product. This could help to improve your marketing plan. You must identify your customers by collecting their data.

There are several ways to gather the data of customers. One of the methods is traditional or paper-based survey form. In this system, you have to print a questionnaire on the paper. The papers would reach the customers when at the time of product delivery or at the “Helpdesk”. Then they would fill up the answer. This method consumes time and labour. You need a faster means of communication.

Email is a fast means of sending exchanging information. However, people don’t want to open any mail when they think it is a spam mail.

A phone call is good for personal interaction but too many questions and suggestions on phone can drive people away.

Collect your customer profile on digital portal

Digital customer information system has all the required features to get the profile of your customers. Catalog Bar, the online catalog architect provides you a marvellous platform to collect customer profiles. As an order management application, all kinds of business activities can be done here. From creating a digital catalog to selling product, from sharing information with B2B e-commerce partners to interacting with buyers, this e-catalog software is a complete package for your business.

With Catalog Bar app, you can create your own customs forms on which you can get information about your customers. There, you can create separate fields to add customer profiles. Profile of a

customer may include customer name, product name, address, email, and contact number. From this brief info, you will gain a brief idea about the target.

More information for a successful business

Catalog Bar allows you to add additional information of your customers so that you can grab an insight idea of buying habit. With this order management software, you can use demographic and psychographic data.

Demographic will classify the customers according to their age, gender, occupation, religion, race etc. For example, some male customers who reside in a specific region purchased a range of white handkerchiefs. From this small information, you came to know that white handkerchief is a popular demand among male consumers in that area.

Psychographic data of the customers tell their lifestyles, habits, and interesting areas. For example, you own a florist business. A customer had bought a bouquet from your store. From his profile, you found out that he has a farmhouse. Then you can suggest him to buy exotic flowers for decoration.

Build a brand loyalty through customer information

By using customer information, you can analyse their attitudes towards your business. With Catalog Bar software, you can make your business more trustworthy to them. With the cloud-based catalog application, you can help your customers by tracking their request.

By using brilliant catalogs, you can exhibit your brand image. When customers see your product, they won’t get bored from digging into details of the product. They will show interest through your customs forms. With this marvellous application, you can build a brand loyalty using your customer information.

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