Has your company installed a proper communication system for the sales team? Do the people on your sales team receive the latest products you have just released? When was the last time your logistics department dispatched the latest products?

If you want the perfect answer to these questions, you need a good communication system to stay connected with the people who work for the company.

Need for upgraded software to stay connect with organisation staff

In your organisation, there are several layers of departments to manage different tasks to generate income. These people might not be deployed in the same workplace. For example, your office is located in Delhi while the sales operations are executed from Haryana. Meanwhile, different sales team are working in various stores and outlets all over the country. So how do these people communicate each other at the time of sales ordering or distributing the products? Are they still using email, phone call, and SMS?

The growth of a sales business depends on the communication system. Lack of communication could lead to insolvency in the deal. Companies these days are challenging each other by using latest technologies. So you cannot lag behind them, else you would be out of the race. The first step to stay in the ring is using a good communication system.

Drawbacks of email, phone calls, and message

Email and phone calls were once the mechanisms for connecting between sales operation and sales team. In this process, people in the sales team order the products to the company’s sales operation through these obsolete means of communication. If a sales team has run out of a specific product, people in that group have to contact the sales operation.

Here is the discrepancy in these devices:

Phone: If the person in sales operation who is assigned to pick the phone is not available for time being, the ordering will be delayed.

Email: In case of email, the receiver cannot know when he will receive the mail unless there was a prior conversation on this possible sending mail. People don’t have time to check email for the whole day.

SMS: Sending SMS message is a fast and accurate method. However, people in sales cannot send messages every now and then to the multiple receivers. Sometimes, the salespersons are too busy to type and send messages.

So, all these methods of communication are not feasible at the time of urgency. This could create a chaos in sales order which in turn failed to address market demands. You have to ditch the old method and move forward with latest tools.

Connect people through digital catalog

A digital catalog is easy to use and it is less costly. Catalog Bar, the marvellous online catalog app delivers you a platform to arrange your buy and sales. With this dynamic content management system, you can update the current scenario of sales ordering and share it with multiple users.

On this B2B ecommerce platform, your sales team can view which products are available in the store and which of them has its price change. The operations team will also know which products are in the current market demand. The order management software can bring all the employees on one platform and enhance the connectivity among people.

Digital catalog can push your business growth

The catalog application helps you execute your tasks in a fast and accurate manner. Sometimes, customers in a specific region are demanding a particular product that your company is producing. In the meantime, the other competitors are yet to distribute the same to the market.

With Catalog Bar, you take an opportunity to outdo them in the market. The salespersons in that region would order the product on catalog software. The sales operation on the other end would dispatch the product without any delay. At the end of the day, you beat other players in the competition.

E-catalog helps in building good relationship

In a sales business, many people are involved to put their labours so that the outcome can create revenue for the organisation. It is like a big ship where different people working in different areas. With Catalog Bar, you can share the products and sales information to multiple users.

Catalog Bar also allows you to keep in touch with your customer. Both web and mobile merchandizing allow you to create customs forms that can be used as your sales order system or feedback or survey form. Through customs form, you can interact with your customer and understand their demand and build a relationship.

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