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Define your own categories. Make as many categories or sub categories. Flexibility that helps you adapt your catalogs to your needs.

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No one knows your products like you do. So define your own information fields and enhance your product information with media of your choice like presentations, audio, video etc.

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Your Design

Choose from a plethora of pre-existing themes and templates to enhance the look of your catalog. If these don’t match up to your requirements, get in touch with us for a custom designed theme for you.

A few ideas of what you can make in Catalog Bar

Being into smart entrepreneurship and marketing & sales concern, sending heavy catalogues through the post is no longer efficient way to transmit product information. Catalogs should have to be sales oriented.

Here the Catalog Bar has the potential to meet your diligence with sales.

Modish Product Visibility Improved SalesEasy & Instant Sharing

with Clients, Partners, Stores, Salesforce, Marketing Team Website is place for product information, But what if you want multiple style of view. Then? views you can customize for catalogues with Catalog Bar

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