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Catalog Bar for B2B Handicraft Business

Selling handicrafts is a challenging business. Due to cheap Chinese products, handmade craftwork is taken for granted. Still there are cluster of audience, who are still inclined towards handmade products. Tools like e-catalogs, instant sharing drive for its marketing should be important. As physical stores doesn’t have the bandwidth to reach intended audience effectively. Selling handicrafts through online Catalog Bar could be the best option.

Let’s go for online catalog creation for handicrafts. Filter out the product categories in which you will deal, as which will the parent or the subcategory. So that your client will be able to check out what they really want into the relevant category. List down all the handicraft collection with their description and pricing within the customize Catalog Bar. Attach the images and ready your catalog as per desired customization.

Now it comes to Sharing & Sales. So here your e-catalog is also connected with sales management tools. You can easily share the individual handicraft details via Whatsapp, E-mail, SMS directly from the Catalog Bar itself.

And from here onwards the Catalog Bar is fastened with feedback and query session also, so you can step ahead for sale quotation and insightful selling experience.

tool and machines
tool and machines

Awaiting your collectibles in Catalog Bar

Mobile Sales App for Handicraft Dealers

Handicraft dealers are those sales nodes who are working remotely. For them it is difficult to share the updated paper catalogs instantly. So the mobile sales app of Catalog Bar will be the best handy way to carry e-catalogs with an option of management and customization.

  • Woodworking
  • Sewing
  • Pottery
  • Appliqué & Patchwork
  • Embroidery & Weaving
  • Candle Making
  • Quilting
  • Your Innovative Handicraft

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